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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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temperature. check it out this morning with the rain in ohio. it is moving into pennsylvania and western west virginia. approaching a couple of showers in garrett county. we will see that in the midday and afternoon. 52 at ronald reagan international. 58 at the naval air station. it is 6:00 a.m. angie goff is here with the timesaver traffic. thank you. we turned the green light on because we have no major accidents. we have one tie up as we take it over to our graphic here. this is in hyattsville, maryland. new hampshire avenue and mets road. that is where you want to use caution. taking a wide view of the area. our focus will bring us down to virginia. 95 heading northbound. we have a stretch of yellow and red out there. we are starting to pick up
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volume at the prince william parkway. the focus is now over to 66 eastbound. it is slow in spots from 234 to route 28. a quick check on the traffic times on the outer loop. 95 to 270. 10 minutes. not so bad. dc 95 is not doing bad to the beltway. no problems approaching the 11th street bridge. still ahead, a look at the west check. back to you. let's get a check on the stories happening today. the president and vice president head to kokomo, indiana. it is part of their white house- to-main street economic tour. they will visit a chrysler transmission plant saved by the auto bailout. he is now cardinal donald whirl. he is coming back from the vatican where pope benedict xvi
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elevated them to that position. toys for tots begins today. the marines will begin the toy drive this morning at union station. you can drop off a new, unwrapped toy at local fire departments across our region. also today, the thanksgiving travel rush gets under way. people are heading out of town for the holiday. >> this all comes as the controversy over the new screening methods at the airport is starting to grow. how will this affect you if you are traveling on thanksgiving? let's go to kristin fisher. she is live at ronald reagan international. >> reporter: good morning. here you have the busiest travel week in the nation. you have flyers urging people to boycott the body scans. this could be a true travel nightmare over the thanksgiving holiday. for all of the people that is a they are plans to proper -- that say they are planning to
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protest, they say these are too inn invasive. -- invasive. they are operating out of the body scans and requesting a patdown instead. the tsa says it will hurt you the passenger. it will make for busy security lines, but it could harm the airports as the terror threat is elevated around the country. take a listen to what white house press secretary robert gibbs had to say about the controversy yesterday afternoon. >> our charge is to do all that we can to protect those that travel, but also to do so in a way that, as i said, minimally invasive. that is a balance that we will continue to search for.
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>> reporter: the big question now is how many people are actually going to boycott these body scans? it is difficult to tell. there is no one list of people signed up to protest. if you go by social networking sites, the national opt out day has 1,000 followers on twitter. 8,000 followers on facebook. that is an unofficial tally. i want to point out that this protest is really a grass roots organization. it is being fueled by a lot of internet chatter. you will find a lot of web sites like this one. the official site there are sites like wewon' if you zoom in, you will see what they are asking people to do. stop flying. opt out of the scanners. protest the gropes creatively. then demand the tsa use fresh gloves. you know, it goes to show you
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some of the things that these protest organizers are asking for. all of those things will add more time to the security line through the thanksgiving holiday. back to you. thank you. if you are hitting roads instead of flying, the d.o.t. has advice for you. it says to avoid peak travel times so you don't sit in the delays on the bay bridge or the tunnels or the tidings bridge. the peak times are between 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. thursday through sunday, it is 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. before you hit the road, go to we will give you time -- we will give you real time traffic information. the white house is strongly condemning a north korea attack on south korea. >> the north shot dozens of rounds on a south korea island.
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it left one marine dead. it sparked fires and left 15 people injured. in return, the south scrambled fighter jets. both sides are taking steps to make sure things don't get more out of control. in illinois, they are surveying the damage left behind from the tornado in boone county. that is 70 miles west of chicago. you can see the damage left behind. there are a few reports of injuries. this was just one of several twisters that hit illinois and wisconsin. a kiosk by the vietnam memorial was there for 30 years and manned 24/7 is now gone. it went up in flames at 11:00. a mechanical propane heater appears to have malfunctioned. no one was hurt in this, but the memorabilia kept in the tent is all gone. it is known for selling pins and patches related to the
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vietnam war. dc firefighters say the broken hydrant did not slow them down during a house fire on oak street. the man was always there working on renovations. the hydrant broke when firefighters arrived and they had to use one that was about a block away. police in northern virginia now have another person in custody. a person of interest in the series of stabbings in manassass. monday, people gathered outside osborne high school. they were honoring miguel hernandez. he was attacked last friday on the way out of school. he was stabbed to death. police say it was a retaliatory stabbing on saturday, a day later. >> we picked up a person of interest that we need to talk to in regards to the stabbing that occurred saturday night. that is what you saw earlier today. we are looking to get information. >> police have charged two
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teenagers with murder in the hernandez case. well, all morning long we have been talking turkey. it is the focus on the thanksgiving feast. prices for parts of the meal may be going up, but it is still a bargain. the american farm bureau says the average cost of a traditional thanksgiving dinner works out to be $4.35 per person this year. making your own dessert is a great way to keep costs down. andrea and jessica are doing that in the kitchen right now. we are making a fantastic family recipe from andrea roane's house. >> my mother's bread pudding. it is a custard pudding. it is not as stiff as others. she likes this. we start out with six eggs. i did six because they were small. let's put in the ingredients. this is a can of evaporated
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milk. >> the evaporated milk. >> and whole milk. just like you said with the mashed potatoes. this is not the time to be frugal. we have 1 and 1/3rd cups of milk. >> this is the magic of television. >> i'll put in the cup of vanilla extract. the golden raisins. we have crushed pineapple. this is about 20 ounces. >> this is what takes it to a fancy level. >> yes. this is definitely her recipe. we have about 1 cup and 1/3rd of sugar. >> we started out yesterday with french bread. >> i moistened that up. that is about 1/3rd of a cup of
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brown sugar. i moistened that up this morning. >> we put these ingredients in. >> you will not see that we put it all into this and cover it up and we put it in the oven at 350. we have been sampling it already. it is good. i like it warm. you can put ice cream on the side. whipped cream or whatever. it is good. it is mother's recipe. i usually do the gumbo, but that takes longer. >> you can check out all of our family recipes by going to and looking under the morning show tab. we have more coming up. keep it here.
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6:11. we have a good start to the day
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out there with partly cloudy skies. 58. 64 at noon. mid-60s today. a passing sprinkle with a front coming in. angie goff. all is a good. 50 50 westbound is clear. -- 50 westbound is all clear. still ahead, a check on the maryland roads. andrea. in just a few hours, in the 5-year-old disappearance of natalee holloway. that is a story making news now. investigators in aruba will announce today if the jaw bone found last week belonged to holloway. she vanished in 2005 while on a class trip. her body has never been found. the death toll is now at 378 in cambodia. people were killed during a stampede during an island festival there. still no word on what started
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the stampede. quantas is bringing back the super jumbo jets. the a-380s have been grounded a month after one plane had an engine fire. engines on the fleet have been examined. mike. we are having fun. thank you. a lot of single people are looking for love now that the holidays are here and all year round, too. we asked a professional matchmaker what works on a date and what doesn't. we interviewed single men and women. men say they want a woman who is fit and attractive and makes them feel good about themselves. women like a man with manners and an great sense of humor -- and a great sense of humor. they don't appreciate when a date cannot put down the cell phone and stop texting during the date. >> if you are nonstop on facebook and posting status updates. clearly you would rather be with somebody else. >> if you have to do that, do
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it before the restaurant. >> i love to laugh. >> make me laugh. joining us now to talk more about the dos and don'ts when it comes to dating is michelle chacoby. i was talking to you during the commercial break about the things guys and gals do during the first dates. what do guys do? >> one of the things they do is to have a battery of questions like an interview. one after the other. it needs to be a flow. a back and forth. a natural conversation. yes, i agree with the cell phones. put it away. i know we are attached to our blackberries, but put it away. >> is it nerves that does that on the first date? >> some people think if there is a lull in the conversation, it is not a good date. it needs to be natural. make the women laugh. be yourself and be natural.
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>> don't bring out cheesy jokes or lines. >> you can, but you understand you may not get the laugh. even if you are nervous. letting your date know you are nervous. >> do some people take these too seriously although it is a first or second date? >> yes. i think people need to relax. you are just meeting another person. if it is not a match for you, it could be a new friend. when you are single, having a single community of friends is important. they may have a friend that could be a match. >> if there is a positive thing as they head out on a date, what would it be? an appearance or finding common ground? >> first of all, be yourself. don't bring your representative on the date. bring yourself on the date. looks do matter. look your best. put on your favorite outfit. something that makes you feel good. go and have fun. >> michelle, thank you for joining us.
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go to you can visit the extra section. michelle created a quiz for all of you singles at home. it tells you how to have a great first date. if you are making all the right moves or the wrong ones. howard. a good tuesday morning to you. your bus stop forecast. a touch of fog in western maryland. temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s. the sunrise at 6:59. the dayplanner is partly sunny through the 9:00 hour. upper 50s with the south winds at 10. mid-60s by noon. mostly cloudy. a passing sprinkle or shower. our winds turn westerly at 8. we will have a mild day. visibility is good here in the metro in western maryland. visibility is .25 of a mile with the temperature of 36. oakland just up the road at 55 degrees. 52 in winchester.
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chilly in frederick in the low 40s. in the mid-50s along the bay. 52 degrees here and partly cloudy skies. you see the barometer drop as the front approaches. that front through indiana and ohio and portions of kentucky. look at the showers and storms in western tennessee all the way up to western new york. a storm out west bringing more snow to the northern rockies. we will watch the rain has it moves east/southeast. in garrett and cumberland, you will see a couple of sprinkles. otherwise, it gets chilly behind it. in the low to mid-50s tomorrow. as we head to thanksgiving, the moisture will move to the north and east. we could see a sprinkle or two here in the morning, but i think we will see a decent day. a look at the travel forecast. very cold in the northern rockies. seattle is sunny and 32. san francisco in the 50s.
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phoenix is sunny and 62. we head to the south from texas where it is in the 80s with storms in dallas. 70s and 80s in florida. nashville in the 60s. st. louis and kansas city with thunderstorms. cold in the northern plains. bismarck with snow tomorrow. the northeast is good with sun and low 50s. the next three days, temperatures are dropping in 57 to 54 tomorrow. a chilly and wet friday. highs in the low 50s for the weekend. here is angie goff. we elevated our conditions up to yellow because we are experiencing moderate traffic out there. take a look live from sky 9. this is the scene from hyattsville, maryland. they are temporarily blocking
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the roads here as police are working the scene. they are directing traffic around it. you want to avoid it for right now. let's move it to the maps and show you the outer loop. no incidents out here. we are slowing down as we move outside between new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue. the inner loop is checking out okay. back to the maps. the focus takes us down to the prince george's county area. 301 crane highway here and you have typical volume for this time of year. on the inner loop, 395 to the toll road with a 20-minute commute. we are still in the green on 66. 267 with no problems to report approaching the beltway. still ahead in the next traffic report, a look at the bw parkway at 6:24. over to you. thank you. coming up, reaction to the guilty verdict in the chandra
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levy murder case. next in sports, the caps try to snap a two-game losing streak. highlights are next.
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6:23. welcomeback.. we have a decent start to the day. looking at the futurecast today, you will see how clouds will increase. as we head to midday, we have showers that are possible far to the north and west and western maryland and west virginia. 59 here. by 9:00, a couple of sprinkles here midday and through the afternoon with the highs in the 60s. mike and andrea. thank you. the wizards are back in action tonight. they host the 76ers. >> the wizards are 2-2 in the last four games. >> while you slept, the huskies
6:24 am
took a 24-point lead in the 1st half thanks to thomas. they now fall to 2-2. the capitals have dropped three in a row and given up five goals. the caps in jersey taking on the devils. caps get blanked 5-0. are you ready for some football? broncos and chargers on monday night football. anyone with philip rivers on their fantasy team is happy. it is 6:24. this morning, we are helping you out with the thanksgiving feast. >> jessica has been in the kitchen with howard. what are you working on? >> happy early thanksgiving. we are bringing you the favorite family recipes to your home. we are about to make a great cookie for the kids. they can make it themselves.
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we have that and traffic. thank you, jessica. we want to let you know that in hyattsville, the accident southbound on new hampshire avenue at metro is clear. it looks like bw parkway travelers are doing just fine. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
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we are back at 6:29. this is the place every morning to get your weather first. let's look at this shot of the jefferson memorial. 52 degrees there at the title basin. love that. thank you for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we have howard out on the patio. we have the moon on the western sky. that is venus in the western sky. the dayplanner with the weather first today. still partly sunny through 9:00. the clouds will increase ahead of the front. noon time temperature is 64. we will make it into the 60s. by 5:00 p.m., we are back down to 62 degrees. the showers pushing through ohio and pennsylvania now and into western west virginia. that is what we will watch
6:30 am
through the day. the cool spot is manassass at 43. 50 in rockville. college park already at 55. angie goff is here with the timesaver traffic. we still have the light on yellow because we have slow travels on the road. this is the braddock road area. things are stacking up around the mixing bowl. as you move into northeast dc, the maps take you there. inbound new york avenue with a good amount of volume building between the washington times building past this point. 395 northbound tracking this trip as well. no incidents and no construction heading northbound. the bumper-to-bumper to north seminary and the 14th street bridge. the dulles toll road in the
6:31 am
green. 66. a 15-minute commute to the fairfax county parkway. no problems to 270. below speed with a 16-minute commute. more on the virginia accident in the next traffic report at 6:46. thank you. our time is 6:31. we are following a developing story. south korea says an attack overnight by north korea was premeditated. the north fired artillery shells on a south korea island and now two marines are dead dead. 16 others are hurt -- are dead. 16 others are hurt. the south says this action violates the 1953 armistics which ended the korean war. we are keeping an eye on this and will bring you the latest. we are focusing on thanksgiving travels. according to aaa's fuel gauge
6:32 am
report, 87 octane in the dc area averages $2.88 a gallon. in roanoke, you can pay 2. $2.69 per -- $2.69 per gallon. and the crowds are coming. >> it is the first time some will see the new security features. we have kristin fisher with the latest from the ronald reagan international airport. >> reporter: there are people here. i'm happy to report that people are here and i just did a check of the tsa lines. that will change as the day progresses. we are one day away from the national opt out day. this is the day where protesters are urging flyers to opt out of the new
6:33 am
controversial tsa body scan and opt for a personal patdown. the problem for travelers is the patdown takes time. it is expected to cause some massive delays at airports across the country. many of the people that are taking part in the national opt out day argue that they are doing it because the body scans are too invasive. the tsa and white house are warning it could make for massive security lines on the busy travel day, but it could hinder airport security at the time when terror alerts are elevated around the world. we found flyers on both sides of the controversy. >> i'm skeptical that this is really making -- that this is necessary. >> i think the scanners are invasive. i think they show too much and are not necessary. >> it is a patdown which is
6:34 am
more invasive than just the screening. >> it is unusual and weird. >> reporter: the tsa administrator says he hopes to strike a balance between security and privacy. for now, it will stay this way throughout the busy holiday travel season. back to you. thank you. some holiday travelers are taking the bus and train to the destinations rather than deal with the screenings. nation's bus terminals are more vulnerable than the airports. we asked riders if they would submit to similar screenings if they were implemented at bus terminals. >> they should do more screenings on buses and trains. nobody wants to have their trip interrupted by an explosion. >> there is no clear-cut
6:35 am
decision to institute those measures. today should be the day defendant brian nichols will get a plea in the case of the murder of brian bets. bets was killed in his silver spring home last april. police say he met the killers through a phone chat line. he was a principal at shaw middle school. ingmar guandique will be sentenced february 11th for the murder of chandra levy. a jury convicted him on monday afternoon. chandra levy's mother spoke yesterday. she said the verdict is not going to end her pain. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. >> ingmar guandique was convicted thanks to testimony from a former cell mate.
6:36 am
that cell mate said ingmar guandique confessed to the 2001 murder. thanksgiving dinner came early for some of our wounded warriors. vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden hosted a thanksgiving dinner monday night. it is their small way of honoring the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made for our country. forget hd or 3d. this morning we want smell-o- vision. >> we are cooking up an early thanksgiving feast. it pays to look out for deals. stores will put the holiday trimmings on sale. >> one of the main ingredients for the next dish was on sale yesterday. we are making dessert that is affordable and fun for the kids. >> we are going to make a pilgrim's hat. this is angie's recipe. keep the kids bus any the kitchen. we -- keep the kids busy in the kitchen. we will have details coming up.
6:37 am
oh, we will do this right now. this is a family recipe for you. >> to keep the kids active. >> to be candid, i don't know how to cook. it is easy and fun. basically, you need a couple of ingredients. you need cookes and fudge stripes. you need frosting. this is low sodium. i'm trying to watch the sodium. get frosting. a cup of it. if you want a lower-fat option, try cool whip and mix it with vanilla pudding mix. you can get the generic ones also. >> how do we put them together? >> it is simple. >> do a dip here. do i need a lot? >> a lot is good. when you smash it on to the
6:38 am
fudge stripe, want to create the -- you want to create the belt around the reese's pieces cup. you can do the chicklet gum or use an orange tic tac. you can place that right there. voila. it is less than 100-calories. it makes for a magnificent presentation. >> all we did was add a couple of drops of yellow food coloring to the icing that was premade. it keeps the kids busy. you don't care what color hot it is. bring out the -- color hat it is. bring out the color. let them have fun with it. i love the reese's pieces peanut butter cup. >> you can find all of the recipes we made from our
6:39 am
kitchen to your kitchen at just click on the morning show tab. keep it here. are you watching 9news now -- you are watching 9news now.
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6:45. >> no, 6:43. >> okay. 6:43. >> howard is here with the weather. >> things will be okay. we may get a passing shower midday. for the most part, it is comfortable well up in the 60s. we start out with sunshine. chilly weather is moving in for thanksgiving eve and thanksgiving day. let's get you going with the bus stop forecast. clear-to-partly cloudy and temperatures running from the mid-40s in the cool spots to the mid-50s. 58 on the high end. 6:59 on the sunrise with the sun setting this afternoon at
6:44 am
4:49 p.m. the dayplanner is partly sunny and mid-50s by noon. southwest winds at 10 miles an hour. we will have a milder flow. 4:00 is when the front comes through and brings a sprinkle. one or two showers. not expecting a widespread rain event by any stretch. as we head to the 8:00 hour, partly cloudy and down to 56. we are going into the 40s and 30s by tomorrow morning. this morning, look how mild it is across the northeast and mid- atlantic. in the 40s and 50s. a couple of exceptions like cumberland and york and pennsylvania and new york. a lot of warmth around. here is the cool spot. cumberland at 34. oakland in garrett county at 55 degrees. 58 in southern maryland. over to the bay bridge, mid- 50s.
6:45 am
steve in cross junction called in and is reporting 44 degrees. south/southwest winds at 8 miles an hour. as long as we have the southerly component, you know it will be a mild stay. you can see what is happening here. the line of showers in tennessee and kentucky and pushing northeast. this is ahead of a strong cold front. southerly flow head of it bringing the warmth. behind it is a chill in the air. if you are going to chicago, temperatures are in the 40s. maybe 30s. here comes the front by midday into western maryland. clouds increase. we may see an isolated shower with the front. that is about it. skies clear and it gets chilly. we are talking 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning. wednesday, increasing clouds late. by thanksgiving, you notice the moisture creeping toward us. the brunt of it is north. for us, 67.
6:46 am
an isolated shower. cool tomorrow and 54 as the sun returns. thursday, an isolated shower with the temperatures in the 50s. by friday, we are cooling off to 52. a chilly saturday at 50. sunday and monday, partly sunny with highs in the 50s. angie goff has the latest on the timesaver traffic. we are turning on the red right now. we have severe conditions to tell you about on the beltway. that is how i hate to begin. i want to let you know the situation on the outer loop in maryland at the route 4 pennsylvania avenue exit. they are blocking all of the lanes because of the crash activity that as you can see involves multiple vehicles. we will stay on top of this and let you know how this back up develops. you want to avoid using this part of the beltway for now. taking it over to the inner loop in virginia. still seeing that disabled vehicle taking away the left center lane for drivers. the tail lights are starting at
6:47 am
the mixing bowl. moving to the maps, we zoom on in to 95 northbound. a solid slow go from the prince william parkway to the parkway. this is taking 25 minutes. the accident has cleared out of the way. on the inner loop from 395 to the dulles toll road, that is 30 minutes. the outer loop is driving behind 95 and 270. dc 95 is a bright spot. the very latest on the outer loop accident at pennsylvania avenue is coming up in the next traffic update. back to you. thank you. how is this for perspective. dwight eisenhower was president when the intercounty connector was first put on the master plan. >> planners say opening day for the toll road is weeks away. there are a few parts that are ready to go right now.
6:48 am
>> scott broom gives us a sneak peek of the highway. >> reporter: the road is paved. the lines are painted. for now, not a bit of traffic in our way. as we cross montgomery county on the first section of the icc. seven miles from shady grove to georgia avenue. 22 minutes on local roads. seven minutes on the icc. >> we are close to opening the first section of the intercounty connector. >> reporter: ray feldman says the time is measured in weeks as the project closes in on a late december or early january opening for the first section. >> there are still a lot of items on the punch list. >> reporter: this is the most critical of the final preparations. the electronic system that will make this maryland's first completely cash-free only electronic toll road. radio devices will read ez-pass tags or cameras will read license plates for a billing
6:49 am
charge. there will be no toll booths or slowing down to pay. >> if you will use it more than two or three times a year, having the ez-pass will save you money. you will not get charged that $3 fee every trip you take on the icc. >> reporter: 2340u -- now with the road just weeks away from a probable opening, it is time for you to think about how you will pay for it when you start driving on it. on the icc, scott broom, 9news now. >> peak hours with the ez-pass cost $1.45 to travel the first section of the icc. compare that to 39 cents a mile for the morning rush on the green way and 10 cents a mile on the dulles toll road at all times. 6:49. 52 degrees in northwest washington. >> a check on what is in the news before you go is up next.
6:50 am
time for you to pick the game of the week. we have four to choose from. broad run looking to avenge the only loss of the year. damascus hosting wilde lake. stone bridge goes up against cinderella hayfield. go to to vote.
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6:53. we have 52 in town. 40s in the suburbs. partly sunny through 9:00. mild and a passing shower. topping off in the mid-60s. 62 by 5:00 p.m. mike and andrea. thank you. we are almost done. we want to give you a check of the news. the white house is condemning the artillery attack on south korea by the north. two marines were killed in the attack in south korea. several homes were set on fire. fire destroyed a kiosk at the vietnam memorial which had been open around the clock for 30 years. a portable heater is likely the cause. the board of elections has certified the races. the early show begins in 5 minutes. >> harry smith tells us what is
6:54 am
coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up, british officials say an announcement will be made shortly regarding the location of william and kate's royal london. we have the latest. the tsa is on the defensive as millions of americans prepare to fly on the busy travel week of the year. results of dna tests will prove whether or not a jaw bone fragment is that of missing teen natalee holloway. we are live in aruba with the latest. all of that and more coming up. back to you. thank you. our time is 6:54. >> we have one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now returns. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:58. we are mild today in the 60s. a chance of a pass are shower this afternoon. cooler tomorrow at 54. a shower possible on thanksgiving day. rain for friday. a cool and decent weekend ahead. and the outer loop at pennsylvania avenue, an accident with many cars. it is blocking right lane and the right shoulder and the ramp from northbound route 4. look at the delays. we are tracking them from sky 9. we are stacking up at branch avenue. in virginia, it looks like we have that disabled vehicle at braddock road. you are backed up at the mixing bowl. we have to talk now? >> yeah. >> jessica.
6:59 am
>> we have been making the thanksgiving feast this morning. we have all of our family recipes. the stuffing and turkey and potatoes and bread pudding and the pilgrim hats. you can find these recipes at under the morning show tab. what do you think? >> i love it. >> i love the cheese in the mashed potatoes. >> cream cheese. >> we dipped into the frosting. >> this is fantastic. the stuffing is wonderful. >> the bag is the way to go. if you are a novice in the kitchen, that is the way to do it. don't forget to take the stuff out. >> we all made that mistake. >> sometimes they hide it in there. >> you will have the latest on the natalee holloway case coming


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